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    Safety, Risks & Advise

    How to stay protected and enhance your experience on

    Meeting our objective to provide an adapted platform will not be achieved without the mutual support and trust of our users and us. We provide the best advise for a sound and safe experience in using our services.


    1. Payment stream when proceeding with an entrepreneur.
    In business we are aware that even $ 0.01 has to be accounted for but you would not wish to lose it by using un intelligent manner to save a few $. With our payment system we will be able to trace all transaction, manage disputes etc with records used on our platform. Therefore we do not advise you use other our payment stream to proceed with a work.

    2. Our support stream

    Our customer support team strive to bring support to you as soon as your request be sent. We do our best to report back any query you may have within hours we receive them. A 24/7 line is open to all those who wish to talk to one of our phone attendant for new support request or follow up.


    3. Abusing of the platform

    Some of them believe they are tycoons and think they can manipulate Us entrepreneurs the way they want to do. Together with you we say NO! Report to us any malicious use of our website relating to : Pornography, Nudity, Unadapted contents/ Comments, incenting violence with comments or remarks whether relating to gender or race.
    If you believe that the content of a post is misleading or the capacities as described is not right, do send us a request and we shall access same.

    As clearly stated in our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to deactivate or report any abusive use of the website.Friendly advise:

    • Explain clearly the expectations on the outcome of your post. You may provide point at other random jobs (NOT COPY)close to what you are aiming at. Provide details such as design types, frame of mind, objective, ease of use etc
    • Be as professional as you can in all your post at all times. This gives confidence and propel same image on deliverables
    • We all have expectations and wish to have our jobs done (however big it may be)within hours or next day. Apply reasonable timing to the task after in depth discussions.
    • If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it! Always quantify the cost that any project may have. Look at similar ones. If you pay peanuts sometimes, you should expect gold. This is a way to motivate the entrepreneurs to concentrate on what he’s doing.
    • Ensure that you have viewed profiles of the entrepreneur before allocating the job, he may have ***** in web design but not in programming –(******) .
    • In some cases, despite you credit card being stored and only used for the purpose relating to, we proceed Card Verification by requesting full enter of details.
    • Any suspected fraud or other financial threat do forward to us immediately.


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