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    Offshore solution

    We partner with registered and providers within financial services sector in Mauritius to provide E commerce solutions through setup of global business solutions :
    (1) Formation of GBC1 Company

    A GBC1 is a body corporate registered in Mauritius and which is licensed by the Financial Services Commission as holding a Category 1 Global Business Licence to conduct business outside Mauritius.
    A GBC1 is considered to be a tax resident in Mauritius and enjoys benefits under the extensive DTA network of Mauritius. Income is taxable at a minimum effective rate of 3%.
    Potential uses of a GBC1
    A GBC1, being tax resident in Mauritius is the ideal structure for investment and investment holding purposes. Besides benefitting from the network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements in place, it also benefits from the absence of capital gains tax and reduced withholding taxes on payment of royalties and dividends abroad.

    (2) Formation of GBC 2 Company

    A GBC 2 enjoys a flexible legal regime. It is not tax resident in Mauritius.
    The salient features of a GBC2 are:
    • 1. A minimum of one shareholder and one director (which may be an individual or a corporation).
    • 2. GBC2 is statutorily prevented from engaging in certain activities.
    • 3. Board meetings can be held anywhere in the world and can be conducted by telephone.
    • 4. It is not tax resident in Mauritius and as such it is exempt from payment of all taxes in Mauritius.
    • 5. Foreign companies can continue as a GBC2 in Mauritius.
    • 6. Corporate domicile can be changed to another jurisdiction.
    • 7. GBC2 may issue “par value” as well as “no par value” shares
    • 8. No limit on authorised share capital.
    • 9. It should have a registered agent and registered office in Mauritius.

    (3) Opening of foreign bank accounts in multiples currencies

    (4) Opening of merchant accounts

    Mauritius is a well established offshore financial sector, offering a tax free environment to offshore companies that are registered there. Mauritius has also a collection of banks that allow for offshore banking operations that also hold acquiring licenses from Visa and MasterCard. This allows offshore e-commerce companies to register their companies, operate their offshore bank accounts, and have their offshore merchant accounts in Mauritius.
    To open a Mauritius offshore merchant account it is a relatively complex procedure, and using a professional consultancy which knows the acquiring banks to help you obtain your merchant account can speed up the procedure, and ensure that you will end up getting the most out of your Mauritius offshore merchant account.

    (5) Directorship Services

    (6) Company Secretary

    (7) Domiciliation Services

    (8) Application for permits

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